OSRAM AirZing(TM) Mini Air Purifier

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OSRAM AirZing(TM) Mini Air Purifier —  For fresh and clean air -  free from viruses, bacteria and odours 

No matter if you use your vehicle for private or business purposes - with OSRAM AirZing Mini you proactively ensure a better hygiene in your car and reduce viruses and bacteria in the air. 

The entire air inside the car is filtered and cleaned within 30 minutes. AirZing also eliminates odors and smoke.

  • German engineering - specially designed for cars or office desks
  • Kills up to 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses ( including Covid-19)
  • Power from USB port ( 5V) - car, PC, power bank
  • Easy to fix in the car with magnetic holder
  • UV-A LED and Titanium Dioxide filter inside
  • No need to change filters, as filters can simply be cleaned with clear water
  • Quiet operation with only 25 DB