Watch Winders

Watch winders are the ideal way to keep your automatic watches moving when you are not wearing it. These devices simulate the watch being worn on your wrist, giving it the energy it needs.

Normally, an automatic watch stops working after a few days of not being worn. A watch winder prevents this by slowly turning the timepiece. These movements rotate the rotor and wind the spring, which provides the energy the watch needs. Most mechanical movements have a power reserve lasting 40 hours, or less than two days.

Watch winders are particularly useful for watches with complications such as a perpetual calendar. If a watch with this complication stops running, then resetting the calendar can be very time consuming. However, even simple automatic watches with three hands and a date display benefit from a watch winder.


  • Wind automatic watches via continuous movement
  • Different rotation directions and intervals
  • Mains or battery operated
  • High-quality devices which are quiet, energy saving, and long lasting